Nimrat Khaira: Gulabi Rang (Full Song) Desi Crew | Mandeep Maavi | Latest Punjabi Song 2020

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Presenting latest punjabi song Gulabi Rang sung by Nimrat Khaira. The music of new song is given by Desi Crew while lyrics are penned by Mandeep Maavi . Enjoy and stay connected with us !!
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Song: Gulabi Rang
Singer: Nimrat Khaira
Music: Desi Crew
Lyrics: Mandeep Maavi
Conceived by: Gurpreeet Khetla
Mix and Master: Sameer Charegaonkar
Video by: B2Gether pro
Special Thanks : Raymant Marwa
Music Label: T-Series
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Mukhtar Singh
Mukhtar Singh 6 तासांपूर्वी
Kini Soni lagdi nimrat khira ji
Bakshish Singh
Bakshish Singh 8 तासांपूर्वी
Binder Singh
Binder Singh 10 तासांपूर्वी
Binder Singh
Binder Singh 10 तासांपूर्वी
RAHUL RAJ 13 तासांपूर्वी
Aasif Gour
Aasif Gour 13 तासांपूर्वी
Who Fan of nimrat khaira like kro 😍
movies world
movies world 14 तासांपूर्वी
Pehle nimrat ka song accha hota raha Ab bakwass hota hai ....
Ajit Singh Ajit
Ajit Singh Ajit 14 तासांपूर्वी
My best singer Nimrat
Janvi rajput
Janvi rajput 16 तासांपूर्वी
Janvi rajput
Janvi rajput 13 तासांपूर्वी
Very much nice 👌❤️👌❤️👌
kushdeeo aery
kushdeeo aery 19 तासांपूर्वी
Too gud song😀🕉✨
Ashish दिवसापूर्वी
Nimrat khaira😍
Ashish दिवसापूर्वी
Koi shezad ki bhi tarif kardo😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tanish Makhija
Tanish Makhija दिवसापूर्वी
Big fan mam
Pradeep Nehra
Pradeep Nehra दिवसापूर्वी
Armaan Singh
Armaan Singh दिवसापूर्वी
Nimrat Khaira ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❤️❤️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❤️❣️ ❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️
Saini Jaskaran
Saini Jaskaran दिवसापूर्वी
Raj Kaur
Raj Kaur दिवसापूर्वी
Hello didi I am ashmeet kaur tada sara song bouth vadia Hoda ha 😊😊👍👍👍👍👍
Sadik Khan
Sadik Khan दिवसापूर्वी
Kya song gaya hai i love you meri jaan
Nirmala Kaushik
Nirmala Kaushik दिवसापूर्वी
I am Janvi Age 12 My favourite singer is r nait but in girls singers Anushka Sen and Nimrat Khaira
manjit singh
manjit singh दिवसापूर्वी
Nice song 👌👍
R pajeton ਸੈਨੀ
R pajeton ਸੈਨੀ दिवसापूर्वी
A 1 g
Deepak Kataria
Deepak Kataria दिवसापूर्वी
sehzad deol h ye to phir inka nm ku ni
Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar दिवसापूर्वी
I love you song n😘😘😘
Sandeep singh
Sandeep singh दिवसापूर्वी
Notta di pukhee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂 suita di pukhee 😂😂😂😂😂 hahahahahah
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Ok' u ncw Uc his mark that King's r burying frcm u दिवसापूर्वी
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Khan Saab
Khan Saab दिवसापूर्वी
Aaryat Singh
Aaryat Singh दिवसापूर्वी
Chak boor wale daa
SOMYARANJAN JOSHI 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice songs
Ranvijay Singh
Ranvijay Singh 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Aap jaisa koi nahi aap punjabi culture or sangeet dono ko bhot khoobsurat dhang se dikhati ho❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
davi cheema
davi cheema 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Ayee nimmooo
Jagdev singh
Jagdev singh 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
nice song hai g
Jung Singh
Jung Singh 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Soni Bassi
Soni Bassi 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nase song
It’s aaadil Khatana
It’s aaadil Khatana 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Fav ones
Sukhdev Singh
Sukhdev Singh 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Vah ji kiya bhat hai
Paras Kalra
Paras Kalra 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Punjabi pinda
gurmeet kaur
gurmeet kaur 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
I. Like. This. Song
Namita Jamwal
Namita Jamwal 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
I like it
Khan Saab
Khan Saab 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
kinttt song
Khan Saab
Khan Saab 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
nyc geral 😘❤
Sartajveer Singh jasmeet Kaur charanpreet kaur
Sartajveer Singh jasmeet Kaur charanpreet kaur 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
Any blink here 👇👇
SAm Sameer
SAm Sameer 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
nice song
SAm Sameer
SAm Sameer 2 दिवसांपूर्वी
I like you song
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Hello haa ke kar see💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏👌👌
aditi m
aditi m 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
I am here for two reasons..... ✨My favourite singer nimrit kharia ✨After watching shehzaad deol on big-boss.....😁😁
aditi m
aditi m 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
I am here for two reasons..... ✨My favourite singer nimrit kharia ✨After watching shehzaad deol on big-boss.....😁😁
Janvi rajput
Janvi rajput 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
hemish jain
hemish jain 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Ek like us maa ki lambi umar ke liye jis ne aapko janam diya 😍😍😍😍
japjeet Dhindsa
japjeet Dhindsa 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nimrat is best👍👍
Anam Ahmed
Anam Ahmed 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
nimrat mar dalegi
Rachana Naidu rachana
Rachana Naidu rachana 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Soo sweet song
love Bhatti 2580
love Bhatti 2580 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Karan aujla nal song karo
love Bhatti 2580
love Bhatti 2580 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Att song
Jagsir Singh
Jagsir Singh 3 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice song
mamaji music Jalore
mamaji music Jalore 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Desi girls ♥️ like kre
mamaji music Jalore
mamaji music Jalore 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
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Aman Saini
Aman Saini 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Very very very nice and beautiful song
dh villager
dh villager 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Sakina Suntal
Sakina Suntal 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice voice 👌👌👌💝💝
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Bakhshinder Kaur
Bakhshinder Kaur 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
baneet baneet
baneet baneet 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Sajanmalik Sajanmalik
Sajanmalik Sajanmalik 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice Nimrat mam god bless u
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Att madam g
Roshan Kohli
Roshan Kohli 5 दिवसांपूर्वी
Mam tuciiiii bdeeeee e jaidaaaaa cuteeee ho😍😍
Iqbal Singh
Iqbal Singh 5 दिवसांपूर्वी
Abi hm lift me the
Muskan Byan
Muskan Byan 5 दिवसांपूर्वी
M aapki big fan hu 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 5 दिवसांपूर्वी
When i heard this song 1st time of nimrat khaira, i liked her face expressions,acting,voice👌
sahil Jaat
sahil Jaat 4 दिवसांपूर्वी
Rohit Choudhary
Rohit Choudhary 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Who Nimrat fan like
55 mp 4
55 mp 4 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Gurdeep Singh veer Gurdeep singh
Gurdeep Singh veer Gurdeep singh 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Neetu. Bhatia
Neetu. Bhatia 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice song🎶🎤
Simran Diwakar
Simran Diwakar 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Mujhe y song ki lyrics ka mtlb smjh m nhi aaya but tune achi h iski
Rinku Bhambhoo
Rinku Bhambhoo 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh 6 दिवसांपूर्वी
kavita kumari
kavita kumari 7 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice di love you
Music only
Music only 7 दिवसांपूर्वी
Sare gulabi note nakli ne 😂😂😅😅
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh 7 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nimrat di is my fav singer and songs is wow
shallu marwaha
shallu marwaha 7 दिवसांपूर्वी
very nice songs
Ok' u ncw Uc his mark that King's r burying frcm u
Ok' u ncw Uc his mark that King's r burying frcm u 7 दिवसांपूर्वी
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Jagpreet Gill
Jagpreet Gill 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Nice song
Avtar Singh
Avtar Singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Likes comandante 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
surinder singh
surinder singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
I love this song
Sampuran Singh
Sampuran Singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Hema Gera
Hema Gera 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Mr. Atma Singh
Mr. Atma Singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Rinka udhipuria
Rinka udhipuria 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Aapke liye song likh sakta hu
Rinka udhipuria
Rinka udhipuria 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Ryaan Kaura
Ryaan Kaura 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Mangal Singh
Mangal Singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Wow Very Nice
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Abhilasha Rajput
Abhilasha Rajput 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Shehzaad ka naam kahi bi mention nhi kiya gya.. kyu kyu kyu
Nice Love
Nice Love 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Super duper song👌👌 nimrat kahria
Svinder Singh
Svinder Singh 8 दिवसांपूर्वी
Very nice
Temp Mail
Temp Mail 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
my little understanding if lyric is over compensated by her magical voices in loop.
virender kumar
virender kumar 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
Shavi Kumar
Shavi Kumar 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
I love this song
harjot kour
harjot kour 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
🤗🤗🤗 very nice
Darshan singh Darshan
Darshan singh Darshan 9 दिवसांपूर्वी
I love you
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