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Rol 612
Rol 612 19 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I think Nolan will consider the Caliber SRT-4 if he can't find any good Neon SRT-4 for sale 😂😂
SilverFox 19 मिनिटांपूर्वी
7:45 2 years later the new Supra still isn’t in Forza🤣
Karl Anttila Sr.
Karl Anttila Sr. 21 मिनिटापूर्वी
For me it's not about EV vs. ICE; as a road racer (SCCA), it's all about weight and handling...past around 3,000 lbs there is NOTHING you can do to make it handle properly on a road course. My Ralt-41 Formula Atlantic, powered by a 1,600 cc motor (250hp), weighs 1,280 lbs, all fluids and driver included, and will outperform and outhandle ANY car, super and hyper cars included. It's all about the weight, boys and girls.
Dan Rascal
Dan Rascal 21 मिनिटापूर्वी
That's a pretty bad place to mount the cooler radiator. I thought it would be mounted around the main radiator. Good video though.
Maurice Cooper
Maurice Cooper 23 मिनिटांपूर्वी
They are saying that it does not work for cars But might be good for big trucks not at all They do more miles all over the country and carry some heavy weight
Phosion 23 मिनिटांपूर्वी
"Biggest Lion in the world probably A Buck-Fifty, " Lol!!!!!
Gladiate Solid50
Gladiate Solid50 25 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I hate you guys for making this video. You are ruining the used car market! Every fun car gets pointed out by youtubers and then the remaining stock gets purchased over value and destroyed by ricers! Thanks i hate this video and i hate you people!
A.T. Cunningham
A.T. Cunningham 25 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I see the Saturn and I think it looks like a Tesla a little
zachary hoffa
zachary hoffa 27 मिनिटांपूर्वी
It’s not talent. No one is born a good driver... it’s a SKILL. he is lacking SKILL. Sorry. Pet peeve
mhmh144 27 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Fucking tesla
Cotto's Tips & Vlogs
Cotto's Tips & Vlogs 27 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Come to Australia where every landcruiser has a bullbar
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario 27 मिनिटांपूर्वी
OH Saturn is so lame
DAM4GE 28 मिनिटांपूर्वी
It took me 0.000000001 second to guess the car
Cody Zanini
Cody Zanini 29 मिनिटांपूर्वी
You’re wrong bruh, you won’t be allowed to drive a gas powered engine during your life time
Cody Zanini
Cody Zanini 31 मिनिटापूर्वी
This is only one example of how progressive liberals screwed us all through their ravenous quest for more money and power through advancements of every kind... I wish we still rode horses
Cody Zanini
Cody Zanini 32 मिनिटांपूर्वी
This is why the elite wish the world population was no more than 500 million
kevin freeling
kevin freeling 35 मिनिटांपूर्वी
“Eagle Eagle Carter man, in a 96 regal contraband”
Sodkumagaras DOD
Sodkumagaras DOD 37 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I Was At The Wartburg Museum In Eisenach And They did built Awesome stuff Before DDR Communism took over. I saw The Team Oßwald Melkus RS1000 , also Irmscher Made A Tuning Package for the Wartburg 313.
Königs Gurke
Königs Gurke 38 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Can you tune a 90,s eclipse?
Fooler Cz
Fooler Cz 39 मिनिटांपूर्वी
What is Škoda Superb II? Sedan or liftback?
Cody Zanini
Cody Zanini 39 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I’m gonna say who cares as long as large corporations make tons and tons of money and good middle class people keep losing jobs and going broke, right?
Christian Tirat
Christian Tirat 42 मिनिटांपूर्वी
M635 csi ? 😢
Ramon Munoz
Ramon Munoz 44 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I know we Geminis are two-faces but come on a ssr?? 🤢🤢🤮🤮
shng sam
shng sam 46 मिनिटांपूर्वी
omg .. looking fwd to this now i am regretting selling my previous E36s .. do a manual swap change to 325 manifold this car will be great
Vinayak Krishnan
Vinayak Krishnan 47 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I'm a finance student and I learnt more from Nolan than from my textbook!
Stone S
Stone S 48 मिनिटांपूर्वी
As someone who sold a 93 Bronco for 5k, after buying it for 1k... I hate myself at the moment.
Gentledark 49 मिनिटांपूर्वी
So Lebron James now a measurement system? Oh you Muricans
black boi
black boi 50 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Possibly the Cobalt SS or Neon SRT-4
Lorenzo Vega
Lorenzo Vega 51 मिनिटापूर्वी
Best movies were 1-3 the rest ain't even about cars anymore.. the main reason we watched these movies.. racing?!? It went from racing to robbing banks? And nukes? Gtfo
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant 51 मिनिटापूर्वी
Land before time! HAHAHA
Richard Locke
Richard Locke 52 मिनिटांपूर्वी
I love that he understands we won’t be able to afford one for 20 years.
Eymd 56 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Oh my god this video had me in stitches. I would love some more content like this
Tobias McRae
Tobias McRae 58 मिनिटांपूर्वी
Duddeee! I just bought an E36 project car. Black 318 Ti manual. With a clutch out of an M3 and a lightweight Flywheel. I want to make it more offroady. I'm fucking beyond stoked with their choice of vehicle.
bitfreakazoid तासापूर्वी
There are two cool museums in California that have quite a few Bugatti cars. There's the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, and the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. The Mullin has quite a bit of the families furniture and statues to look at too. Bugatti also designed an interesting looking bicycle and even a plane. The plane was sort of recently built but ended up crashing killing the pilot, didn't crash due to a design issue it was something else that I can't remember. The plane was beautiful.
PresidentGOOCH92 तासापूर्वी
#TYBG 🙏🏽
Dank HD
Dank HD तासापूर्वी
Tiny r32 when
katleho Nogqala
katleho Nogqala तासापूर्वी
I got into an accident with my e36 😭😭
Oh no it's the Dovahkiin
Oh no it's the Dovahkiin तासापूर्वी
I've honestly enjoyed Zach's series so much more for some reason
Soda Holic
Soda Holic तासापूर्वी
Surprisingly, I knew them all However if I had watched this when it came out, I would not have known about the shiftless transmission thing I actually learned that from this channel before this video, in a video about F1's history
siimuska तासापूर्वी
This white e36 video is from estonia
gotindrachenhart तासापूर्वी
If you get the Amigo or Rodeo you gotta get the slightly larger mid 90's version. They had a refresh in the 2000's and they were tiny. My wife and I traded in our '95 for one and didn't even make it home before we decided to take it back for our old one the next day. Man I miss that Rodeo :(
Floyd Amy
Floyd Amy तासापूर्वी
To destroy Mustang, that didn't work LoL
Glynn Jones
Glynn Jones तासापूर्वी
Toyota is discontinuing the Land Cruiser* *in America
BlueRocket तासापूर्वी
Fun facts from down-under: The Buick Regal could have been forced on us in Australia as a new Commodore in 1997, but we instead developed the amazing VT Commodore. We already had the L67 supercharged Buick V6 in an earlier model Commodore and it was carried through until 2005, but it was mounted longitudinally in a rear-wheel drive, manual/auto trans platform. The VT series 2 also introduced the LS1 to Australia, so imagine a rwd manual Regal with an LS1 and that's what we had here :) Detroit got their way in the end, killing our VF rwd V8 platform in 2017 and giving us the Buick Regal as a replacement. No coincidence Holden folded shortly thereafter..
Cade Martinez
Cade Martinez तासापूर्वी
Reminds me of the Toyota mr2
shadowfoxreaper तासापूर्वी
is it sad My Rebuilt renesis motor had more mileage then any suburu motor ive ever gotten new
Dustin Owens
Dustin Owens तासापूर्वी
Ha, I drove my motorcycle to the DMV took the test and aced it. I don't the test instructor that it's a good thing I passed because I drove it myself, the wide eyed look the guy gave me was too much.
Sawyer Barnes
Sawyer Barnes तासापूर्वी
Bro third time this video was recommended…. Third time I clicked on it…. Algorithmic DNA
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles तासापूर्वी
That proto Z is gonna be worth a lot in 15 years when they’re not making them anymore 🙃
jakubkrcma तासापूर्वी
I am not even gonna watch the video because all this Nikita hate is ridiculous. The simple truth is that Nikita is FAR above what most people think. And although there are definitely some better drivers, there are not many of them.
Cooper Mathews
Cooper Mathews तासापूर्वी
5:16 if this isn't the definition of working on a car I don't know what is
xBL4CKxIC3x तासापूर्वी
Suburban nice 5”-7” drop on some 454 wheels Or monster notched shortened diff fit some fat lip intros gloss black with double limo tint. 🤔🤔
Samad Work
Samad Work तासापूर्वी
He who sells what isn't his'n, must buy back or go to pris'n.
Abrar Aziz
Abrar Aziz तासापूर्वी
Toyota isn’t discontinuing the whole model, they’re just not bringing the 300 series to the us market
Danny Shroyer
Danny Shroyer तासापूर्वी
I've never owned one, but I also have never had a desire to own one. I prefer the complete feeling of having a roof on a car 🤷🏼‍♂️
Greg Varner
Greg Varner तासापूर्वी
One of my first cars was an 85 Renault Alliance. After owning it for a couple of months I could understand why Motortrend later stated regret for giving it car of the year. The only good thing I can say about that sh*twagon was that it made every car I've owned before or after it seem awesome by comparison. Horrible car.
Jaineshwar Lal
Jaineshwar Lal तासापूर्वी
Need Upto speed on isuzu's
Jeremy Nelson
Jeremy Nelson तासापूर्वी
What a horrible recording of the voodoo, come on.
ScruffyOG तासापूर्वी
If they made a 3rd gen prelude Stocky, I’d buy one instantly
Ethan Harvey
Ethan Harvey तासापूर्वी
Alex Boitano
Alex Boitano तासापूर्वी
So when can we buy stocky
Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson तासापूर्वी
Should definitely make an episode of zack and Jeremiah's interviews 😂😂😂
Alex K
Alex K तासापूर्वी
My brother had an 01 528i I believe, but thing only had 80k miles, owned by an older lady the life of the car. I got to drive it once, and the car was smooth as hell, quiet on the interior, had good audio system for 2001, was pleasantly suprising.
Sam Vieira
Sam Vieira तासापूर्वी
Pioneer rocks
Jan Kaas
Jan Kaas तासापूर्वी
First race of Verstappen, he was 17 years and 3 days !
Shen A.B.
Shen A.B. तासापूर्वी
When The bronco and the bronco2 were first canceled, they were replaced with the explorer and the explorer sport (maybe also with the Ford Escape) and now we have the new 4 and 2 door models of the bronco. I just think it’s odd what Ford is doing.
Tig Ol' Bitties
Tig Ol' Bitties तासापूर्वी
Kyle Bush is the most winning man in racing. Sorry to remind his haters.
Jule Guti
Jule Guti 2 तासांपूर्वी
What about the Grand Marquis LSE??? These car are super rare. And for a 2002 it had some features that were found in Fords sweetheart brand Lincoln. I happen to own one out of 4973
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 तासांपूर्वी
8:26 why dont they just go the other way
chasedwar2 2 तासांपूर्वी
GM avoided using the SS badge in Europe 😂
Jageroo 2 तासांपूर्वी
I hate it when people pull off to the side to turn right onto a street or their driveway.
Panatswa Marthley
Panatswa Marthley 2 तासांपूर्वी
Uncle Jerry😂
Jaineshwar Lal
Jaineshwar Lal 2 तासांपूर्वी
U people should have talked about the isuzu vehicross.
soft473 2 तासांपूर्वी
An increase in 19db is like doubling the loudness so yeah its pretty good😂
Kush Gupta
Kush Gupta 2 तासांपूर्वी
The US is so ungrateful, at least you guys got the MR:2. We, Indian car nerds, didn't even get that and many more like it.
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad 2 तासांपूर्वी
The satisfying kidney alternately jog because pendulum strangely replace for a warlike crayfish. delicate, late tomato
MackaDaCracka 2 तासांपूर्वी
E36 gang
Charros de Mexico
Charros de Mexico 2 तासांपूर्वी
Nolan at 22:45 just looks completely broken 😂😂
Satorou Gogu
Satorou Gogu 2 तासांपूर्वी
Honesty I believe that we will be broke if ev vehicles take over